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    What we do

    We will make your site act like a media player app downloaded from the App Store. Streams, podcasts, and videos will play continuously while users browse your website.

    Created for Podcasters, Broadcasters, and those who do both, our patented persistent player bar will turn your site into an engaging media playing experience.

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    A Better Way To Play Media

    We eliminate the standard pop-out media player and replace it with the TuneGenie Player Bar designed to keep streams, podcasts, and videos continuously playing as users surf the site. Your website becomes an engaging media player.

    No More Overlapping Media Play

    The TuneGenie player-bar ensures all media is played one at a time. No more video playing over the stream, streams playing over the podcast, or multiple podcasts episodes playing at the same time: Intuitive, engaging, it’s super simple for the user.

    It’s An App; It’s A Site, They Are The Same

    We turn the desktop and mobile websites into media players. Then we convert the mobile site into a mobile app. Like nested dolls, the desktop website slides into the mobile web, mobile web slides into an app. The result; the desktop, the mobile web, and app are carbon copies of each other. ONE consistent user experience for your audience.

    One For All Content Management

    Since the desktop, mobile website, and app are all the same. Your site CMS manages content for all three. Whatever you place on your website, appears precisely the same on mobile web and app.

    Instant Apps

    Skip the hassles of the download stores; our instant apps download directly from the site to the phone for both IOS and Android. Need it to be native, we can do that too.



    Imagine the simplicity of your streams, podcasts, and videos interconnected to one media player that is your site.

    A unified app-like experience for desktop, mobile web, and app installed in less than one minute. Here is why TuneGenie for Broadcasters is a “better way to play media.”

    Eliminate The Pop-Out Player.

    Stop driving your audience off your website to a pop-out player you don't control. With TuneGenie, your site becomes the player, and your audience stays on your site.

    One Media Player For All Content, All Devices

    No more multiple and confusing media players, just one simple to use player-bar for all streams, podcasts, and videos, across all devices. That's the beauty of the TuneGenie platform. It enables the desktop, mobile web, and app to have the same look and feel, content, and functions. It's a one size fits all strategic approach. The benefit, a simplified and consistent online experience for your audience, a better way to generate revenues for the station.

    No More Podcast Playing Over The Stream.

    It's simple, either you have one player that plays all streams, podcasts, and videos or each plays by separate players. Separate players play over each other, and their media stops when users surf the site. Not with TuneGenie, all audio and video get routed through our embedded player bar, ensuring one plays at a time.

    Wipe Out Content Silos

    Traditionally broadcasters' mobile apps do not have the same content as their desktop or mobile websites. Since apps and sites are separate platforms, it's nearly impossible for the app to match the website. That forces the app to be a different online experience with limited content, features, and functionality. We call that a silo. TuneGenie solves the "app is a silo dilemma" by making the desktop, mobile website, and app carbon copies of each.

    Why A Better User Experience Matters.

    Let's face it: You sell access to your audience to advertisers. The larger the audience, the more $ you can generate. No matter how compelling your content is, if it is hard to play, the audience can't engage with it, and they will go elsewhere. Simplifying the user experience keeps your audience engaged, resulting in more audience spending more time with your content. And that's a recipe for more revenue for you!

    Strategy Or Tactic?

    There are plenty of one-off digital toys you can have. The problem is they are only tactics, and your online presence becomes a collection of independent tactical one-offs. TuneGenie offers a strategic solution that simplifies the user experience and increases the audience reach of the station. With unique algorithms, we tie all your content, audience analytics, engagement, and revenue generation methods into one interconnected platform: the benefit, ONE simplified online experience across desktop, mobile web, and app, and a bigger audience for advertisers.

    Stream Autostart

    Just like it sounds, the stream automatically starts when the user stops a podcast or video. Since the player-bar controls all media played, it intelligently turns on the stream at the right time. Your on-demand content becomes feeders into your stream.

    Broadcasting & Podcasting Working Together.

    For radio, the stream is the revenue generator, while on-demand is the opportunity. But when the user is listening to a podcast, they do not hear the commercials in the stream, and that can hurt station revenue. With TuneGenie's "stream autostart," on-demand content feeds the stream, and that will enhance streaming revenue.

    The Content Tray Makes It Simple.

    It rises from the player-bar giving instant access to the content. An intuitive playlist approach so the user can toggle between podcast shows, episodes, videos, streams, music discovery content, and playlist histories. It is the ultimate app functionality accessed from the desktop, mobile web, or app.

    Instant Apps.

    Our apps download directly from your mobile website; they skip all the hassles of the download stores and dramatically increase installs. Users are prompted from your mobile site to "download our app." Two taps and an iOS or Android app is installed to the phone.

    Music Discovery.

    TuneGenie syncs in real-time each song played to the music discovery content your audience craves. Presented in the content tray users can scroll through the station's 30-day playlist history and see each song's lyrics, artists info, photos, concert dates, social links, album history, top tracks and even the ability to save songs to a playlist.

    Wrong Album Art? Our Tools Can Fix It.

    The TuneGenie CMS lets you manage tons. Album cover art, now playing display, podcasts, concert calendar, program listings, audience usage stats, and more. Stuff like charts for song votes, videos watched, song clips played. And it's all installed into the Wordpress admin panel of your site or directly accessed by link.



    Give your audience a better user experience and generate more $ for your Podcast.

    Imagine if you had your own App and Site for your Podcast what you could do...

    And so much more; because you would be in control of your Podcast's environment.

    Take control in three simple steps

    It's all done in less than one minute, giving you an app, desktop, and mobile site that are carbon copies of each. It's ONE consistent user experience for your audience. And control for you of how your podcast is played with unlimited options to engage your audience and create revenue.

    Take Control

    Control means having a dedicated app and website for your podcast; we call it owning your assets or owning your podcast environment. And with your assets, you could enhance the audio story with video, images, articles, and more. Imagine explaining in greater detail your point of view, the story, the method, with visuals and posts. It's all possible when you own your assets and control your podcast's environment.

    Become A Media Brand

    That is what can happen if you take control of the environment your audience uses to listen to your podcast. The podcast opens the door to a deeper relationship with your audience, and the ability to become a multi-media brand, a business with multiple revenue streams.

    Own Your Audience

    Let's face it, iTunes and all those pod-catcher apps use your podcast to build an audience for them. They are making money off your hard work. But you can use those platforms to build your brand; here is how. Continue to send your RSS feed to them, but in your podcast, tell your audience that they will get a better experience if they go to your site and download your app. That way, you will use the audio distribution power of those platforms to help promote your podcast site and app.

    Multiple Revenue Streams

    It's all about ads, or is it? How about being able to stack several revenue models together, having numerous ways to earn from each episode. With a dedicated app and site for your podcast, you can have as many revenue streams as you want. Offer subscriptions, or have a tip jar, do creative sponsorships for clients, sell merchandise, create events and sell tickets, and so much more. Use creative ways to promote your client's products and improve the redemption rates of their performance ads. Want more revenue, then take control!

    Build A Fan Community

    Building a fan community centered around your podcast is a home run. That is a recipe for building a brand, and brands are business. It's easy to grow a following when it is your app and site. Bring the fan conversation into your environment; from comments per episode to live chats and so much more.

    Social As A Funnel

    Mark Zuckerberg has enough audience; it's time he shares some with you. Having a website and app for your podcast allows you to use all the social platforms to drive the audience to you. Post to social teasing elements of each episode: pictures, videos, audio promos, anything that grabs attention. And tag those Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts with the line "for the whole story, click this link." Of course, the link brings the audience to you, where you are in control. And that means audience engagement and higher revenues.

    Content That Engages

    The video should support the podcast, not overtake it. Thus your podcast site and app from TuneGenie can link the audio and video together. The audio and video will turn on and off intuitively. For example, when a user plays any video (site or app), the podcast automatically stops. The video will then play, and when the video ends, it automatically will reconnect to the podcast at the exact point it stopped. Resulting in a seamless, intuitive connection from the podcast to the video and back to the podcast.

    Instant Apps

    Our apps download directly from your mobile website; they skip all the hassles of the download stores and have dramatically higher installs rates. And why not, we make it so easy; users are prompted from your mobile site to "Download Our App." Two taps and an IOS or Android app is installed.

    Bring Your Site, Or Get One From Us

    Our platform converts any website into a multi-media podcast experience for desktop, mobile web, and app in less than 1 minute. We will convert your existing website or provide a site for you. Either way, you will take control of your podcast with all the functions and features of the TuneGenie platform.


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